There are many ways to get people to work together as teams, all of which have merit. Each individual is different and each will react to different stimuli. What sets our Corporate T.E.A.M. (Team Enhanced Adventure Motivation) approach apart from the crowd is our focus on learning through doing. It produces immediate results! 

People tend to learn more naturally in an environment that requires them to act together to accomplish a goal. United pursuit of a common goal, especially a physical one, is a great way to get your employees "clicking." This is an experience that cultivates learning, caring, and creative thought about work, life balance, and fulfillment. 

The T.E.A.M. approach is an active approach to learning. We recognize that our participants may fall into any one of three optimal-learning categories: The physically centered individual is most comfortable doing something, anything; the emotionally centered individual likes to relate to people; and the intellectually centered individual needs a lot of information before he or she does anything. We provide all three stimuli to our participants by providing mental and physical challenges that bind teams together in a common purpose.

In an environment without the daily pressures and interruptions of the workplace your employees get a chance to act and interact on new levels. We can't promise that everyone leaving our program will automatically turn into your top performer, but we can promise that your employees will leave energized and excited about their potential to contribute to your organization!